Saturday, March 18, 2006

Rain Rain Rain

Today was a nice rainy day, I thought it was nice only because I didn't have to go out in it. I have the entire weekend off, and so today was spent mostly stitching, I got three hours in on Nov. Quilt, while watching Episodes 1-3 of Star Wars. I came up with the idea to watch all the Star War movies this weekend. My DH is a Star Wars NUT! and so, him and I had the whole weekend to do whatever so I came up with that idea. We both got quite a bit of stitching in while watching. I worked mostly on the sky above the wagon, and a bit of the wheel farthest to the left and some of the grass. The more work I put in on it the slower it seems to go. Oh well. Well, I am going to go lay in bed and enjoy the thunderstorm. Good night!

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Von said...

I enjoy an occasional rainy day when I can stay home and stitch too! Just don't give me too many at once - and we don't usually have many here.