Monday, March 20, 2006

Good Monday to yah!

Well, I did do quite a bit of work on November Quilt this weekend. So, here is a progress picture. This is at 58 hours!

I basically have just a bit to do on the wagon wheel, to the left, both of them, as well as the ground under the wagon, and the pumpkins, and finish the blue of the sky, and I will be onto backstitching. I think it is looking pretty good, what do you think?

I am sorry to say,t hough I am feeling a slump coming on, though. This morning I tried to pick up my needle, however, after just 30 minutes, I had to put it away. I think this project wore out it's welcome this past weekend. I shall set it aside and work on something else for today and maybe tomorrow I will have the want to to work ont his again, lets hope, as my mom's birthday is a month away, and it still needs to be stretched and framed and mailed to her! not to mention get the stitching finished! UGH! I can do it, I know I can!


Von said...

Nov. Quilt is coming to life! If you have time, putting it aside for a bit might revive your enthusiasm for it. But sometimes we just have to slog through, lol!

AnneS said...

You're so close now ... I can almost feel that happy dance around the corner! I know it's a slog to get it done, but it'll be worth it in the end :D

Isabelle said...

Hello Lana, this piece is gorgeous! And so dense as well, wow that's a whole lot of work :) Your mom will love it.