Monday, January 30, 2017

Day Surrendering to Night Progress

I have been working on page 3 of this one, it's only a partial page, so it shouldn't take too long, and I hope to be done with it, and down to page 6 (directly under 3) by the time I share this one again. I would really like to finish this piece this year, but something tells me I will get close, but won't quite make it. But that's alright. Then I should have two Full coverage piece finishes to celebrate next year!  (Autumn Peace and this one) But I will push on! There are only three partial pages (3,6, and 9) then two full pages (7 and 8) and some fill in on page 5, and this one will be DONE!!!  I'm super excited!

Thank you for reading! Hope you are having a great day! See yah next month!


Bekah said...

Beautiful colours in this one. Good luck finishing up the page.

Vicki said...

You choose the best projects to work on Lana! I always think one of them is my favorite until you post your progress on another one and then I think it's my favorite. This piece is beautiful. Good progress!

Katie said...

Beautiful and Good luck meeting your goals.

Linda said...

Nice progress Lana.