Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy New Year!!

I know, we're already 11 days into the new year already, so I'm a bit late on that greeting, but close enough.
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas,(Or whatever holiday you celebrate!) and New Year.  Me and my daughter had an amazing time, visiting my family in Southern California. Got to see a lot of family, and enjoyed lots of fun.

However! I was not able to get much stitching done, which is fine! Hanging out and visiting with family was more important. I only took my ornies with me to work on while I was there. I never trust myself to take any of my full coverage projects with me when I travel, afraid I'll lose them, or components of them, and then I'd be broken hearted, so, I took my faithful traveling ornies.
This is what I got done:
I have been working on him a tiny bit this month since I've gotten home, but, my goal for this one this month is to finish this one. I would like to finish one ornie a month this year. So, hopefully I can do so. I don't know why, but they always seem to get shoved out of the way so I can work on my big projects. I guess because in my head I think that they aren't as big so don't need as much love, so I put them off until it's later in the month, then I just end up running out of time, or something? Who knows?  But I do want to try to finish 12 during 2017, or one a month.

I was going to post an end of the year wrap up post, but I just never got around to it, sorry. Now that I'm having to post on my computer it's just such a pain, so I put it off, and now here it is the 11th of the month, and I'm just ready to move forward. I can say, however, that I WAS able to complete one of my major goals for last year...finishing Sea of Roses. My first Heaven and Earth design finish! And I am SO proud of it, and totally looking forward to more full coverage finishes very soon....possibly by the end of 2017? We shall see!

I hope the first of the year is treating everyone good so far, and you're all well on your way to meeting those New Year goals, and resolutions, and enjoying lots of stitching.
And hope everyone is safe from all the crazy weather out there!

Thank you for reading, and I'll see yah soon! Have a great week!


Linda said...

Love your little ornies Lana. Glad you had a fun Christmas.


Katie said...

Love your new ornament. I never stick to finishing ornaments either. I have a hard time stitching Christmas stuff in the summer haha.

Vicki said...

I've been reading your blog for years and I'm always interested in how you work your rotation. I keep thinking I'm going to jump in and try it, but always chicken out. Until this year! I've decided to work a weekly rotation. I have so many big projects to make again this year and I get so bored with them at some point, that I thought it might help to put them in a rotation. So far I'm two weeks into it... successfully! We'll see if I stick with it. But your blog posts are always so inspiring to me, thank you!

Lillie said...

Good to know you enjoyed your trip with your daughter. I have to agree with you about the kits we brought while travelling. I like to keep mine simple and hassel free. Wishing you a fabulous year a head and many happy stitching hours.