Friday, December 20, 2013

The Abbey-Progress

I am making a bit of progress on backstitching on this one. I personally think it looks horrible, so don't look too closely. It makes me mad, too, because of all the time I put in on this and now I feel like the back stitching is ruining it. Sigh....but, stitch on I will, and then I will frame it and it hang it REALLY high up on the wall. (I have 12 foot ceilings, so...) That way people can look at it from afar, and not be appalled at the backstitching! LOL...I MUST finish this! I just have to. I've come so far on it, I can't abandon it now.
I have finished backstitching on pages 5, 4 and 1, so I only have 6 more pages of backstitching to get done. Wish me luck!

I don't know when I will be able to post again, so, I hope all my readers have a lovely holiday season, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

See yah for another stitchy year in 2014!!


Sarah Beth said...

I'm curious why you dont like the backstitching. It brings out all the details

Your piece looks gorgeous!!

Jules said...

Well I like it! You have made a lot of progress on this. It's been fun watching it come along.

Have a great Holiday!

Jannie said...

I can't believe you think it looks horrible! It looks fantastic!

Jannie said...

I can't believe you think this looks horrible! It looks fantastic!

Mii Stitch said...

What are you on about??? This is BEAUTIFUL!! Be proud, you're doing a fantastic job :) Wishing you a Merry Christmas xx

Rai Rai's Stitches said...

I think it's lovely! And yes, backstitching can be a real pita (that's pain in the a$$) but it really makes the work pop and brings out all the lovely details!

I find when I have a piece that is backstitch heavy, I do it as I go, so I'm not stuck at the end working in the backstitch doldrums.

Beautiful work, by the way!

Stitchy Heather said...

i have a wip that just needs its backstitch so can sympathise in some way with you ... i normally love backstitch but on that particular one its such a pain in the proverbial that it makes you hate backstitch but it needs in my case to bring out the details :(

this btw looks fantastic!!!!

demeter83 said...

I know it's easy for someone else to say, but it looks great. I have to admit that this isn't my normally taste, but I'm always really drawn to it when I see you progress!

Bonnie said...

Wow! It is gorgeous. I love the colors.