Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Well, people, I have slid over to the dark side....ok, ok, maybe not what I should call it, how about the crazy that is Heaven and Earth Designs? I actually downloaded and printed two of their freebie charts!

Here is Flower Bride- by Linda Tso:
 Ok, this is SUPPOSED to be a book keep. But not when you switch the fabric from 25 cnt. to 18 count. Then it becomes a good sized wall hanging! Look at how huge that is! 
 The next one I REALLY am going to stitch on 25 cnt. fabric. But since I don't have any, I am gonna wait until after the holidays. and I get home from my trip, to order it.
These two will probably take me the rest of my life to stitch, so I may never get to any more of their designs, except that all the beauty on their page is calling me!! My favorite artist is Rachel Anderson! Those long flowy gowns? Those beautiful colors?! I want to stitch them all!!!
Yup, I'm in trouble! Or at least I think my wallet will be!
Joyful stitching!


Rai Rai's Stitches said...

Mua-ha-haaaa, you have been converted to the dark side. But rest assured, we have cookies!

I personally find, with HAED, that using the parking stitch method works really well. It allow you to pick up a stitch that you may have missed, and see the pattern slowly (and I do mean slowly) come to life.

I think you will be dead proud of yourself when you are done this.

Good luck! I think you chose a beaut!

Lauren said...

I am also crossing over to the dark side and am about to purchase my first heaven and earth designs chart. It will take a long time to finish but think of the end result! :)

demeter83 said...

So far I have four HAEDs on the go, plus two more starts planned... they're completely addictive... have fun!
Also, try Tilton and Paine Free crafts, their charts are similar sizes and styles, they're fantastic!