Friday, September 02, 2011

Blue Christmas

No, I don't plan on having a Blue Christmas, I'm just stitching Blue Christmas designs. For some reason, I really enjoy getting away from the traditional red,green, gold, etc. colors of Christmas. Here are two more cards. The first one isn't finished yet, the second one is!

That's about it here for me. It's a long weekend here, and it started off really badly for me, yesterday, but I'm hoping it gets better! Joyful stitching!!

Wow! I just looked and realized just how blurry these photos are!! I'm sorry! The lighting here is really bad!!


mdgtjulie said...

Eye candy is eye candy, whether it's blurry or not. They look lovely! Hope your weekend gets better Lana!!

Lillie said...

Blue Christmas look very pretty! ;P

Bine said...

So pretty. I love traditional Christmas colours but these cards look so pretty. To me they look so cool and snowflaky :)
I love long weekends and hope you will get to enjoy yours as much as I do.
Thanks for your visit on my blog and leaving a comment ;)