Monday, August 29, 2011

What the Huh?!

Ok, I am mildly irritated!! Ok maybe a little more than mildly....I have always been able to order my DMC floss from a certain retailer on line, since I have moved to Japan. I am not going to name the retailer, because I don't want to give them a bad name, however, right now I am NOT very happy with them at all!! I tried to place an order for DMC on Saturday from this retailer, but I couldn't figure out HOW, I thought that is weird there is no place to put things "in my cart", then I notice at the bottom of the page a note in red that says "We're sorry we are unable to deliver this item outside North America". So I wrote them an e-mail telling them that I have an APO address and so my mailing address IS in the US, just that I AM in Japan. She wrote me back pretty quickly and said "Yes, but the product will still end up in Japan, so we can't make your order, I'm sorry."

So, I sent another e-mail saying "Well, just out of curiosity, why not? I have never had problems with it in the past." I mean, do the silk worms have cooties or something? I mean, I know the Japanese are huge germaphobes but come on now!! (No offense intended, it's actually a good thing!) And I have not heard back from them yet! They promise responses within 24 hours and it's been nearly 35 hours since I last sent it. (I didn't write the cootie part in the e-mail, just the fact that I wondered why not since I have never had problems in the past)

So I was actually thinking that I could get around it, by just having it shipped to my parents, and then just have them forward the package to me, but if I don't get an answer then forget it, I'm not gonna reward bad customer service!!

So now I'm scouting around to see if anyone else does shipping outside the US, it looks like "1-2-3 Stitch" does, and their prices look pretty reasonable...can anyone tell me if they have used this retailer before and if they got good/timely customer service? Or! If I can pay someone to be my "Floss Fairy" could send you money to buy it and send it, if you are in the US it is just like mailing with in the US, there are no airmail fees or anything....I'm just sooo frustrated!! The craft store here, although they carry a good amount of DMC, for some reason NEVER have the color(s) I need! GAH!

Anyway, so that is what I am dealing with on the stitchy front right now!
I wanted to thank all the wonderful people who left me comments wishing me safety in our next typhoon! It actually went the other way!!! So, we have just had a little bit of rain, but that is it!

Also I am super excited for this upcoming weekend, it is my first weekend working on an SAL with Jules from We are both working on a piece called "coming home for the holidays" and although she is quite a bit further along in the project than I, I suggested we do a SAL, in hopes that it would motivate me to work on this project a bit!! So, we will be sharing our progress next week on that!

Well, I finished another Christmas Card but this is already a really long post, so I will be posting it in my next post!
Thank you all for stoppin' in to say hello, I love all your comments!! and I am also enjoying hitting up your blogs and leaving notes here and there as well! And Also a friendly Hello to my new followers!!!

Til next time: Joyful Stitching!!


Carrie said...

I order from 1-2-3 Stitch all the time and have never been disappointed. Excellent service and delivery time!

Lynn said...

Glad to hear the typhoon missed you!
I have used 123 Stitch quite often. It usually takes about 2 weeks before I receive my order. I don't seem to get anything faster than that from anywhere in the US.

I have also had similar problems as you. Although I live in Canada I have an American credit card for a certain retailer. I have always been able to place an order online and have it delivered to me. Not anymore, they won't accept any online orders from Canada even if you have their credit card and they won't forward the items to a US address either because the credit cardholder lives at a Canadian address. So when my sister visited, she tried to place the order for me online using her address and card. It wouldn't give her a total. When she called the store directly they told her that the order wasn't accepted because she placed it in Canada. What's with that!!

KarenV said...

DMC doesn't allow retailers in the US to sell DMC overseas - probably due to the fact that DMC is so much cheaper over there, whereas we (in the UK/Europe at least) have to pay about 3 times the price! I'm surprised that you were able to order any previously, because it's been this way with retailers for years. It's not really their fault, it's DMC's policy - they won't allow the store to stock it if the store ships it overseas, I believe - but the store should at least explain that to you.

On a separate note, I don't know about ordering DMC from 123-Stitch, but I have used them for other things and they're very good, fast delivery.

Carol said...

I use 123 Stitch all the time and have been very pleased. Of course, I'm in the U.S., but I've heard they have good world-wide delivery.

Wonderful news that the typhoon shifted course! What a wild bunch of harsh weather events the world has been facing lately...

Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

I order almost everything from 123. I'm in Australia. Their postage is reasonable. Their service is fantastic. Communication via e-mail and facebook is super quick. I'd say go for it with 123. I'm sure you'll be very pleased.

Mangogirl said...

I use 123stitch and I have it shipped to Australia with no problem. It usually takes about 2 weeks or so.

Anonymous said...

maybe you could try sew and so that is a British company. They have great service and always post fast!

Erica said...

Hi Lana,
I order all the time from 123 Stitch. They are terrific! Wonderful customer service, and amazingly fast!
I don't think tou will be disappointed.
Having just gone through Irene, soooo glad to hear that the typhoon missed you! Who needs that!

blazensun said...

I woudn't mind being your floss fairy if you want.I only use DMC since i have no LNS nearme i go to Michaels for all my floss.

Jennifer Burch said...

i'll send you some if you want

Dani - tkdchick said...

Yeah I would be pretty upset as well but I'm pretty sure someone in Europe aren't supposed to be able to buy floss form US stores as well. Someting to do with DMC of coruse!

I haven't dealth with 1-2-3 but I've heard a lot of people ahve good experinece with them.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

happy to send you floss as well
Greeting from Canada.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I would be happy to send you whatever you need, Lana. I don't know if the retailer you're referring to begins with a J but that's where I buy my DMC (when it goes on sale) and would be happy to stock up for you, if you'd like. If it is that store, and you don't want to give them the business, there is another one that has an HL in their name that I could easily get it from. But, they don't put their DMC on sale as often as the J store does!

Lillie said...

So sorry to read about your disappointment. I have no problem with my orders from 1-2-3 stitch delivering to my part of the world (Asia), but I have never ordered DMCs. There was no problem with ODs.