Monday, September 05, 2011

SAL post #1...

I know you LOVE my title!! Very original, and creative! Haha! So, today is the day I think we are supposed to share our progress that I am doing with Jules of "A Stitch in time with Jules" (Who recently changed her blog name, and used to be "Julies Creations".) Anyway, no matter the name of the blog, it is still the same great person writing about their lovely stitchiness!

We are both working on a project called Coming Home for the Holidays. I think the last time I worked on this one was in November and you can see what it looked like then here.

So, our SAL will take place the first weekend of every month and then we will share our progress the following week. This being a long weekend, it gave us a little extra time! So, here is my progress. for the most part I work on the big long line of brown and a little more blue and white in the roof of the house. (If you can tell that is a house)

I am sooo excited to be working on this project with Julie, and when you see how far she is don't laugh at me ok? She is WAY further along than I but I still wanted some motivation to get some work in on this!

Well, I wanted to let you know, that my weekend didn't get a whole lot better, the best day was Monday and nothing happened that day, on friday I was treated like garbage by someone I thought was a friend, then Saturday I fought with the hubs (but no worries we made up!) Sunday my daughter was a grumpy pants, because she is teething now! Poor little girl. And yesterday (Monday) was ok.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! and here before I close out, I want to share a video of Alyssa! Who doesn't like baby laughter?! I personally think it is the greatest thing in the world. It is so carefree and contagious! I can't help but to laugh right along with her when she giggles! So, enjoy!!!


country stitcher said...

Oh Lana I giggled thur the whole video of your daughter. enjoy her!!!

Great work on your SAL!

Happy Stitching

Jennifer M. said...

Very nice stitching! That's got to be great motivation to be stitching this together with someone else. I'm sorry your weekend was partially okay. Fighting with the hubby and friends is never a good thing. I've been down both roads myself.

Your baby is adorable! I love baby's laughs too.


Jules said...

That is always one of the best sounds to hear! I was telling my sis all weekend that I needed my camera because her grand daughters (2 of them - sisters) were being so silly together.

Great progress!!! It's funny how we are in such different places on progress yet we are working in the same general area of the piece! LOL

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, that is just too cute!!! She's adorable. I hope she's feeling better now. You stitching looks lovely. I think it's gonna be gorgeous!!!

Lynn said...

Love that sound! It made me giggle right along with her.
Your SAL is coming along nicely. It's always much more fun to stitch something like this with a friend.
Sorry that your weekend had its ups and downs. Hope you have a better week.

Kathy Ellen said...

So adorable:) Aren't babies the most precious little ones in the whole world. I just finished "talking" with my 17 month old granddaughter, Ella, who says, "ya-ya-ya- ga-ga...." Our daughter says that she holds the phone and is excitedly dancing all around the kitchen. We think that her babble may be what she thinks we sound like to her when we talk! LOL!

How nice for you and Jules to stitch such a nice piece together. It's always more fun stitching with someone special. Have loads of fun! Will look forward to seeing your progress.

Lillie said...

Your SAL is looking great.

Your daughter is so adorable. Times like this is one of the best baby moments.