Saturday, July 30, 2011

ANOTHER ONE?! Come oooon!!!

Super Typhoon Muifa : 5 Day Forecast Map : Weather Underground

This isn't a stitchy update, but just wanted to ask my readers if they could keep us in prayer/good thoughts? There is a HUGE typhoon to hit our island direct this week, (A category 4 which is 131-155 mph winds!) It isn't slotted to hit the island until Thursday, so by then it may calm down a bit, or it may change direction...but the last one we had was pretty bad, and I think it was only a cat.3 (111-130 mph winds) I'm a little freaked!

Anyway. Thank you all! And if you dont' hear from me, my electricity probably got knocked out or something!! I don't know...Oh well, the good thing about being a stitcher/reader is I can easily amuse myself for hours with no electricity! =)


MoonBeam said...

Oh, dear. I will keep this in my thoughts. I guess you are in Aus or NZ?

Hope all damage and destruction is very minimal.

mdgtjulie said...

Have said a prayer for the island inhabitants. I hope you don't lose power!!

Faye said...

Hang in the Lana ~~~ And, as always, thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog!!! Take care, Faye

Erica said...

OMG! How scary for you!
I hope this one passes you by, or if it does hit, that it isn't too bad!