Sunday, July 03, 2011

A bit more progress!!

I am so almost done with page 6 now!!! It is coming along! Just one more color to fill in on this page then it's down to page #9! (right below page 6) And the color I have to fill in here is white, so what you see here is basically as it will look after I have put in the last color! I am still lovin' this one!!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent me sites on Christmas stuff!! Thank you all soooo much!! I actually looked in the one 4 drawer cabinet I DO have access to, which is mostly filled with WIP's and projects that are kitted up and ready to go, and finishes that need to be "finished-finished", and I found a few books in there with some holiday stuff I am thinking of between your suggestions, and the few books I found, I think I'm good!! Thank you sooo much!!

And! I wanted to share another cute photo of my girl, she's 4 months old now!! And weighs over 13 pounds!! More than double her birth weight!!

Here she is in her little Baby Gap jeans and her little monkey hoodie! SOOOOO cute!!!

Well, happy Fourth of July to all my American readers!!! I have to go clean up the house, as my wonderful husband invited people over for a BBQ without consulting me first, so now I have to go crazy trying to get the house in some sort of order, which will probably be torn apart anyway by the people's, who he invited, 5 year old they don't discipline, so he runs wild like a savage! I hate it when parents don't do their job! Not like I'm a great mother or up for Mother of the Year Award or anything, but when you tell your kid no five times and then just decide to ignore them, when they ignore you, and not discipline them for not obeying you the FIRST time you said no, there is a problem! They don't enforce their word! Anyway, I am sincerely hoping they decline our offer to come over...keep your fingers crossed for me! Maybe I will get through the day with my house (and sanity) intact! ::rant over::


Kathy said...

Great progress. It looks like it's almost finished. :) Soon. right?

And your little girl is just precious.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

My but how did your little angel get so big so quick? Love the progress on the wolf!

Margaret said...

Great progress! And your little one is soooo cute! Don't you love Baby Gap? I do! Wish my kids were still that size. lol! Good luck with the bbq!

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, Lana, what a man thing to do!!! I hope your house (and your sanity) survive intact. Good progress on your wolves. They are looking good!!

Shelleen said...

Your wolves look awesome.

Lynn said...

Alyssa is just so precious!! I love her little outfit. It's so cute. I had three sons so I sure am enjoying dressing up my granddaughters!
Howling at the Moon looks amazing!
You're almost there!