Saturday, July 02, 2011

Christmas in

For some reason lately I have been wanting to stitch small christmas designs fit for Christmas cards. I've never stitched my own cards before, because I was always so busy stitching other HUGE projects for myself or someone else.

Well, I am sorta getting tired of stitching on Howling at the Moon, actually, that's not true, I am still loving it like crazy, and am almost finished with page 6 but I want to work on something other than that allll the time! Just some small things to break up the monotony of that big ole' thing.

So, my question is, does anyone know of any sites that feature cute smallish free patterns that would be suitable for Christmas cards? I have plenty in my stash, but when we moved, my wonderful hubby didn't check with me first and put my huge box of sittching patterns at the bottom in the back of the storage closet!!! (I'm so mad!) So, if any of you could help, I'd appreciate it!! Thank you!!


Freddysmama said...

Try googling "free Christmas Cross stitch." I'm sure you'll end up with a bazillion sites to visit - and end up with an exponentially increased chart stash! LOL.

Jules said...

There are many freebie sites out there if you google "christmas cross stitch freebies" or something like that. Here's one link that I have in my Bookmarks:

I can also copy some charts I have and email them directly to ya! It will take me a few hours, but I can get them to ya sometime Monday afternoon if you like. Email me at


Lynn said...

If you go to you should find several free designs.
Also google Gazette 94 and Helga Mandl. They both have many freebies on their sites which may help.