Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Mini Block

Wow! I was pleasantly surprised how well this photo showed up! Colors really pop! In real life, the two darker reds in the heart are hard to decipher...
Anyway, this is February's Mini sampler, I have a start on March's but not enough of one to show a photo, I am loving this little series, and I was originally thinking I would stitch each square with it's correlating month, but I just am enjoying it so much I want to just keep stitching on I'm still undecided on that, to spread it out or just stitch it all up as fast as I want...I do have SO many projects I want to finish up this year, that maybe I should just stitch each with it's month, giving me time each month to work on my BAP's, which sadly, even though I said I wanted to work 5-10 hours each on "Howling" and "The Abbey" that didn't happen! =( I worked maybe 2 hours on "Howling" and that is it! Oh well.
Monthly rundown:
1. Finish Letter D-YES!
2. Finish Letter E-YES!
3 Finish "Raindrops"-YES!
4. Finish February block- YES!
5. Start "I'm not Sleepy"-YES! (Got 3-4 hours in on this one!)
6. Work 5-10 hours on "Howling at the Moon"-NO! (1-2 hours at most )
7. Work 5-10 hours on "The Abbey"- NO! Didn't even pick it up!
So, I guess I didn't do TOOOO bad with goals for this month...5 out of 7 is pretty good. My goals for March will be sparse, since I am traveling and not sure how much of what will get done. So, for March:
1. Finish Letter F
2. Finish Letter G
3. Finish March block
4. Work on Howling
5. Work on I'm not Sleepy
6. Work on The Abbey
Not too bad....still 6 is alot, but the only DEFINITE ones are 1-3...the others I've decied not to put specific number of hours, just to pick the thing up and work on it. No pressures. We shall see how I do!


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Deb said...

Your block is really nice. The colors just pop on it. I can see why you're enjoying this series so much. And good luck with all your goals - I wish I could stick to mine, but I just have a hard time doing it!

Maureen said...

cute little block - love the bright colours.