Friday, June 30, 2017

DS2N progress

This piece has really been giving me issues. Not in the sense that I'm messing up and needing to frog, or anything like that, but all those light colors in the wing there? They are driving me crazy. I hate stitching light colors on a  light colored fabric, it's annoying, and there's lots of confetti, which I must admit brings in a lot of detail, but it is a Pain in the you know what! So, still no page finish on this one yet, I'm hoping next month to have a finish on this one! I started this page on Feb. 28th.  It is time to DONE!!! Way past time!!

So, please wish me luck!!

Thank you , as always, for stopping by, and reading!! I hope you have a great sunshiney, stitch day!!


Linda said...

Nice progress Lana Good luck with a page finish.


Vicki said...

It is a pain but the outcome is beautiful!