Friday, June 16, 2017

Another little finish!

I love this little ornament!! I live in the Louisiana Bayous, so we see lots of gators around here.
 I think this one will be on my parents Christmas card this year, cause ever since we moved here, lots of times when I talk to my dad on the phone, he asks, "So, you catch yah an alligator yet?" LOL....

I have a good start on the next ornie in line as well.  May was a GREAT stitchy month! My stitchy bug came back, full force!! I stitched 48 hours!!! And I think Jan through April I only made it to like 20 something hours in each of those months.  I feel like I'm back!!  It feels super good!!

Hope you're all having a great June! And enjoying Summer!! I can't believe the year is almost half gone already!!

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my posts for last month! I read and love every single one, and really appreciate that you take the time to leave me a note, so thank you! I appreciate everyone who drops in to read my blog, even if you're just a lurker. Thank you for taking the time to read about and look at my stitching.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, full of stitches, and sunshine!


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

That is a fun finish and will make a great card. You do beautiful work. --Andrea

Vicki said...

Hahaha, I never realized that "lurker" was a blogging term! Very cute finish, it will make a special card for your folks.

Linda said...

What an adorable finish Lana.


Katie said...

Love it. Too cute!! Congrats on the finish. Glad your May was full of stitching time.

phann son said...

The wings are coming out really well. Glad the rotation is being so successful!