Monday, April 10, 2017

Ornaments update

I am back!!! So sorry for missing my posts for last month! I have seriously been in a huge stitching slump!! Still not stitching much at all this year! I just am not feeling it! I've just been busy doing other things, I guess. But, enough about all that, I'm back with a new update, so lets get started, shall we?

First up was my ornament finish for February:
He's such a cute little guy, and I thought it befitting for me to have stitched that pattern in February, since It's all about Valentine's and Love. I love the little mouse sitting up on top of the sign too! he was fun to stitch!

Next up was my March Ornament finish:
So! although I've been in a huge stitch slump, I have been keeping up with my ornaments...Thus far!  I have yet to start my April Ornament, but I will, soon....ish....I hope!

Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate that you take the time to stop in and see my meager progress(as of late....) I will be posting my update on Autumn Peace next, in about 10 days! See yah then!


Lillie said...

Such joyful snowman. Beautifully stitched.

Terry said...

Cute finishes! Glad to see you back stitching...know how those stitching slumps can be :D

cucki said...

hi dear its me cucki i am your new follower on your blog..
i love your blog and stitching so much.
big hugs and smiles

Katie said...

I've been busy and only getting an hour here and there instead of my normal stitching time. Your ornaments are fantastic though. Hope you can find your mojo soon.

Linda said...

Congrats on the adorable finishes Lana. These ornaments are so cute. Are they from the same book you stitched all of the others from?