Wednesday, December 31, 2014

HAED Flower Bride, and Precious moments progress

Well, here is my progress on HAED Flower Bride. I am really enjoying this piece. It seems to be working up pretty quickly. I'm avoiding the confetti intense areas for now.
 I'm totally bummed that I just noticed a flaw in my fabric way down at the bottom of the piece. So it's basically probably in the last 2 pages of the project which is mostly just a bunch of her flowy dress, so I may just not stitch that last row of pages. I don't think I can stitch over it. So, we will see.
 Here's a close up of the messed up area of the fabric. it's about in the center way down by the roll of fabric.Kinda hard to see.
 And next up my parents gift. I am off count and annoyed with this, but I'm fudging it and pushing through. I don't have time or patience to start over. I hate these patterns. I always get off count with them, their half stitches and back stitching makes no sense! But it still looks cute and like a Precious Moment, so I don't think anyone will notice!
I will be posting a "End of the year wrap up and goals for 2015" post for tomorrow. I hope everyone has a good and safe New Years eve celebration, whatever you choose to do.

And that's all for me in 2014, lets wrap this sucker up! And! Onto the next!!!


Anonymous said...

Just saw your slub in the fabric. I would take a pointy pair of tweezers and give it a tug to see if it will come out. I do that with linen on my projects. Sometimes they just pull out without too much distortion of the fabric. Hope it works!

Joanie said...

Hi Lana,

Just wanted to tell you that the flaw in your linen is actually a slub and can be removed by gently teasing it with a needle from the back side of the linen. It's just a clump of fiber that gathers around the eyelet when they are twisting the linen thread and should come off with a little patience. If there's a big gap in between threads, just take your needle and push the linen threads together a bit.
Hope you had a great holiday!

Lana said...

Thank you Joanie and Anon. For the tip!! I'm gonna try it. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Deb said...

Love the colors of your HAED!
Hope you get your fabric slub out.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You can easily remove that flaw with a little work. Just be careful. I always use a needle and gently pick at it.