Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 wrap up and 2015 goals

Here are all my finishes for the year! Sad... Well I think it is! I had set so many goals for this year, and didn't meet most of them. Let's look at how I did!

Finish the Abbey  DONE 
Finish winter fun ornies (set of 12) DONE 
Finish Santa series (set of 10) NOPE
Finish Snowman series (set of 10) NOPE
Finish page 1 of Day Surrendering to Night NOPE (Very close though!)
Finish Web of Life NOPE (again-very close!)
Finish Dragon-nope
Finish page 1 of Sea of Roses- nope
Finish page 1 of Flower Bride- Nope

Write 120 letters (wrote 153) DONE
Write 5 chapters of my book NOPE

Read 75 books (read 85) DONE

Lose 50 pounds NOPE

So much of this year I feel was wasted. I sat and watched too much TV.  I was an emotional mess most of the year. But! I'm doing much better and have high hopes for next year!

So 2015 goals:
1. Finish Santa series ornaments
2. Finish Snow man series ornaments
3. Start Noah's ark series ornaments 
4. Finish 3 pages in DS2N
5. Finish p 1 of Sea of Roses
6. Finish p 1 of Flower Bride
7. Finish Web of Life
8. Finish precious Moments
9. Finish p 1-2 of Dragon
10. Start cats piece for my daughter
11. "Finish finish" 1 ornie a month ( I have so many stitched up that need to be made into actual ornaments)

Read 50 books 
(Quite a bit lower goal for this year,as I plan on focusing more on stitching and writing this year)

- write 2-3 chapters a month
-write 100 letters
- post regularly to stitching and book blogs
-comment more on blogs

-Finish TurboFire program at least once
-lose 50 pounds

I think that about does it.
I hope all my readers have a great New Year! I look forward to looking at all your gorgeous stitching projects and watching your progress! 
 Joyful Stitching!


Deb said...

I think you did a wonderful job of stitching!
Cheering you on for 2015!

Linda said...

Congrats on all the great finishes Lana. I love the little ornaments.
Your goals look doable.

Happy New Year

Vicki said...

Your 2014 finishes are cute, the Abbey is impressive! You have some very ambitious goals for 2015. Happy New Year!

Sarah Beth said...

Great job.

Carol said...

I think you did a great job this year--after all some finishes are better than none!

Wishing you a very happy new year!

Katie said...

I hope you have a fantastic 2015!

Brigitte said...

You accomplished so much wonderful stitching last year. And so many letters and books. Not bad for one year. You were doing a great job.
Good luck with your goals this year!

Hazel said...

Hey I think you did great! I didn't get much done this year either but it doesn't matter. Make goals then break them is what I say lol. Happy new year to you. x

Lillie said...

I think you did wonderfully well, don't stress yourself too much.
Good luck with your 2015 goals.