Sunday, December 21, 2014

DS2N Progress

Well, after focusing on my Precious Moments piece and Ornaments, I was ready to get into some of my larger projects. I am SO close to finishing page #5, and have put in a good start on #4 already!! I think it's looking pretty good, so far. It feels great to be seeing some good progress on this. It has taken me TOO long!! 2015 will see a lot more stitching with me! This year I spent a lot more of my time reading. I have read 83 books so far, and my stitching went by the wayside. But I have been perusing the HAED site....ok, ok! More than just perusing...I just purchased 4 new patterns!!! So, I gotta get crackin'!
Next up is one I haven't shown on here since April! But I dug it back out and it's getting some hard work done on it!!
Merry Christmas to all my readers! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!! May all your stockings be stuffed with stash!

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Deb said...

Amazing colors! Beautiful!