Monday, September 30, 2013

Web of Life Update

Wow! I was able to finally take and post a decent photo of my work! So, this time I only really stitched a few hours, but it seems like I got more progress done than I thought. My ultimate goal for this project this round of my rotation was to finish the group of feathers in the upper left area of the pattern, which I did! And I got quite a bit done on the pipe as well! So, i'm pleased with my progress this go around. I really didn't think I'd do so well, as all I seem to want to do lately is watch TV. Which is very unlike me! I am not a TV watcher, really. I'd prefer reading a book to watching TV, but I got Netflix....and ooooh boy....all the shows I didn't get to watch while I was over in Japan? I am apparently trying to catch up on ALL of them now! I have been zoning out in front of the tube way too much! Not reading, not writing, apparently I did stitch a little. I just want to be a couch potato....Eh, oh well, every girl is entitled to a bit of couch time every now and then, right?

Gosh I can't believe tomorrow is October!! Time to pull out The Abbey already again! Wow!

Joyful stitching!

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Linda said...

Great progress Lana. What a colorful design.