Sunday, September 15, 2013

Progress on Web of Life

Sorry about the creases and crinkles. Here is where I'm at after working on this one for the month we were on vacation, plus the past 5 days. I usually do most my stitching at night, after I put my daughter to bed, but this week I have been really tired, so have not done much on it, but over the past month I guess I got more in than I thought. I finished 2 whole feathers, almost finished a third, and worked a bit more on backstitching. I am still really enjoying this one!

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my new stash!! I cannot wait for it to come in the mail! I just may "cheat" and start it right away!  Ok, maybe not, but I will really want to! The next 5 days are "Abbey" days. I am hoping to finish the entire piece this year. I still have to finish the 9th and last page and all the backstitching!  We will see if I actually reach that goal!


Linda said...

Great progress Lana. A very pretty design.


krystaline said...

Looking good :)

Steph said...

Your web of life is looking great. Lots of great colours :) xxx

Lillie said...

You Dream catcher is looking good.