Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A finish and two new starts!

So, last week, my black fabric that I ordered finally came in on Friday! And I couldn't resist! That night I started this piece, which has been on my "to stitch" list for a very long time. It is Mystic Dragon 2. And it is in the same Stitchery Magazine issue as is The Web of Life and Snow Valley Express. I don't remember which issue it is, I would have to look it up if anyone is curious as to exactly which one it is. I have looked around for Mystic Dragon 1, and I have seen photos of it online but have not found a place to purchase it. I would love to do it as well. But I think it is out of print. So, I will just try to finish this one. My goal for this one is to finish it by September 20th of 2014. That gives me a year. But, with so many other projects on the go now, I am not sure how that is gonna work out. Maybe after I finish The Abbey. But I was really thinking to fill that spot with one of my new Kustom Krafts pieces. So, lots of thinking and planning will be happening. 

 This is how it will look when finished. I have loved this piece since I saw it, and it always just seemed like a dream that I would ever actually start it, and now I have!!! It's gonna be sooo pretty when it's finished!
 And now for my finish!! Here is my finish on Winter Fun Ornament #3:
 Aren't these guys so cute! And love how colorful and bright they are!
And right after I finished them, just this morning, and started right into #4:

I only put one thread into it, which was just a handful of stitches as you can see here, but at least it's a start!

Also on an exciting note, my "Moonlight Bay" Pattern showed up in the mail yesterday!!! Oh! I want to start it sooooo bad!!! But, I shall refrain!!! I really want to finish The Abbey before I start any more truly big ones again. But! I am now the proud owner of FIVE Kustom Krafts patterns! Six if you want to count "Howling at the Moon". Now I just gotta figure out how to finish stitching them in my lifetime. Since I went back to the beginning of The Abbey here on my blog, and I started it 7 years ago! Although mind you, I took quite a few breaks from it, and took one LONG one between 2010 and 2012, where I didn't even touch it in all those two years. So even though I started it 7 years ago it hasn't been 7 years of steady stitching on it. But I am truly hoping for a finish on IT by years end! Good luck to me!! Ok, I'm done rambling now, thank you so much for reading and for all the lovely comments!! I love them all! I need to return the favor! I'm horrible at that. I love reading everyone's blogs. and do religiously, as they pop up on my feedly, but I usually just read and keep going. So, I am gonna try to be better about that!

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!


Pauline said...

Great work!

Cheryl said...

Wow, that dragon piece is lovely. Will enjoy watching that progress!
I also have pieces i have started years and years ago that are still 'wips' lol

Bente Lill M said...

I love following your blog. Fab and inspiring stitches! :)

The feeling of a WI(slow)P is well known by me. Actually started to blog because of one piece. - Feel free to check it out:
I have added a small English summary at the bottom of each blog lately, to make it easier for non-Norwegians... ;)

Looking forward to the progress on your WIPs.
:) Beni

Dani - tkdchick said...

cute little finish