Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Abbey Update...SOOO close on a finish on page 8, but no cigar!

 I really worked hard on this one last month, and really tried to finish page 8 and I got far, but I still have a little fill in to do. mostly alot of white. So this is it in it's entirety...

And here is just the work on page 8!! I will definitely be finishing this one this month, and moving onto page 9!

I was so excited my pattern for Morning Song with the Orcas came in!!! But, of course it went into the stash drawer after I swooned over it, as I don't have the fabric I want to do it on, and I went online to try to order some, as I am running low on every kind of 18 count Aida (my favorite) that I need, and the store won't ship to APO addresses.  Oh well, their loss, since I will be moving in 2 and half months to a town that has TWO LNS's , so I'll just pour my money into their pockets! Works for me!

I am really getting excited for our move now!!!

And now something I am super late in posting: Goals!

Here were March goals:
-Finish p. 8 of the Abbey- Almost, but no
-Finish #'s 8 and 9 of Tiny Critters  
-Start #'s 10-12 of Tiny Critters Ornaments   Not only did I start, I finished them as well, and started the next series!
- Work on Snow Valley Express (AT least 3 hours worth!) 

-Read 2 books  I read 4!

- Write 20 letters Sadly, I only got 12 written. Too busy stitching, I guess! 

So, all in all, not too bad, but I could have done much better! I was REALLY hoping to finish Page 8 of the Abbey, but I am really close now! I will definitely see a finish on this page this month for sure! 


-Finish Page 8 of The Abbey
-Finish First Ornament in "Winter Fun" series
-Work on "Snow Valley Express" (At least 5 hours!) 

-Finish 4 books
-Get to page 550 in Don Quixote

-Write 15 letters

Well, that's it for me! Joyful Stitching!!


Carla said...

You're making great progress!!
Good luck with your new goals, you did very good last month :)

Vicki said...

The Abbey is coming along nicely, Lana! Looks like you've set some ambitious goals for April.

Carolyn NC said...


Dani - tkdchick said...

Since I've last seen this piece you've gotten a lot done! Way to go!

Linda said...

The Abbey is such a gorgeous design Lana. Your getting closer.


Sharon said...

It looks amazing! Great progress.

Caitlin Jordan said...

gorgeous stitching :)