Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another milestone reached! Snow Valley Express

Well, I did it! I finished all the x stitches in this! All I have left is back stitching!!!! SOOOO excited! I actually worked quite a bit on the backstitching on the engine this time as well, so...I see a finish very soon! I should definitely have it done by the time we go visit my parents in June!  It feels SO good to finally see the light on this one!!!  Thank you everyone who stuck with me while I moaned and groaned through this one, and encouraged me and pushed me forward! 

Now for my goals:
Last month:

-Finish Page 8 of The Abbey-  FINALLY!
-Finish First Ornament in "Winter Fun" series- (no, but I got a good start on #1 and 2)
-Work on "Snow Valley Express" (At least 5 hours!) (Finished all X-stitching)
--PLUS! I started a new piece, "Web of Life" (This wasn't on my original to do list!)READING
-Finish 4 books  (Finished 5)
-Get to page 550 in Don Quixote(Only got to page 487! At least I picked it up! I started this int he summer last year!)

-Write 15 letters  (Just barely!)

May Goals

-Finish Snow Valley Express
-work on page 7 of the Abbey (at least 5 hours)
-Work on "Web of Life" (at least 5 hours)


-Read 4 books
-Get to page 575 in DQ


-Write 17 letters
-Write 2000 words on newest piece of fiction

So, that's about it! We'll see how all this works out with us starting to get ready to get outta here in June, but I can set my hopes high.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Wow! Great job there!

Jules said...

That is beautiful! I have a friend who would absolutely love this piece!! He's a train nut, lol almost on the same order as Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory".

Linda said...

Oh congratulations Lana. I'm so glad you stuck with it. Your almost done and what a great design.


Vicki said...

Snow Valley Express is beautiful! I enjoy seeing your goals, your writing goal especially intrigues me. I love to send cards/letters (& really like to receive them). I may copy your idea of setting goals in that area for each month.

Annie said...

Congrats on finishing the stitching! I know you had to force yourself to work on this one, but it really does look great. Well done!

Cath said...

Well done. It looks fantastic.X

Mii Stitch said...

Great job & good luck with the back stitching!!! You should be proud of yourself x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats on wrapping up the cross stitching! Can't wait for the big finish!

Shelleen said...

You did a great job on this one.

Claire said...

Wow looks amazing.

xstitchatoz said...

Well done, great job on the cross stitching. You`re so close to the finish line now! :)

Brigitte said...

I have always loved this design - congratulations on finishing it. I hope you will show another picture when all the backstitching is done.
Good luck with your May goals.