Friday, April 12, 2013

A late update on Ornies- A big finish and a new start!

Well, I did it! I finished The second series of "Tiny Christmas Ornaments" in the book of Ornaments I am working on. These little guys were so fun to work on! They took me awhile, but they came out adorable, I think. So that was a finish! 

 A little bit of a close up on #'s 1-6:
 A little bit of a close up on 3's 7-12:
 And now I am working on the next set of 12.  I made a start on the first one in the series! The pattern is so easy to follow, and yet, somehow, I ended up having to frog and restitch TWICE now! I love the colors, they are so bright. This series has 12 in it, and they are full size ornaments (About twice as big as the little ones I just finished)  So I'm guessing they will be taking me awhile to get done. Which is good, because I only had enough fabric to cut for 5 of them. I am so glad to be returning to the States soon, I seem to be running out of materials quickly, here lately! I am desperately afraid that I will run out of stuff to stitch while I'm enroute. So, I am hoping between these ornaments, The Abbey, Snow Valley Express, and a new one I just kitted up, that I will be kept occupied during the move, until my stash shows up!! And I will be a nervous wreck until it does! Kinda feel the same way about my books as well. I have a huge library of books, both that have been read and have not been read. Ugh, the stresses of a move!!! So annoying!
Ok, off to get my work out in and maybe sit down and stitch a bit today, didn't get much in yesterday, so....hoping today will be better!

Joyful Stitching!  Thank you for reading!


Dani - tkdchick said...

They are adorable! Congratulations on getting a whole series done and a start on the next ones!

Vicki said...

Your ornaments are so cute! How are you planning to finish them? All the same, or with a variety of finishes? You are going to have a gorgeous display come the holidays!

Mii Stitch said...

Congrats on your finish Lana! Have a great weekend x

Linda said...

The ornaments are adorable Lana. Congrats on getting that set done.


Carla said...

Congrats on finishing your first set of ornaments :)
Love the bright colors you're using on the new set!

Claire said...

Great finish.x

Carolyn NC said...

Congratulations! The are so cute! Hope you have enough materials to keep you going through the move!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on finishing these cute little ornies!

diamondc said...

Congratulations they will look wonderful this coming Christmas.