Saturday, March 02, 2013

Hello March!

I found out that March is National Reading Month! Which is awesome! Except that I am very far ahead in my reading goals, so I was planning to take it easy with the reading this month and concentrate on some other hobbies that I love: stitching and writing.

I wanted to recap my goals for February, and write some goals I have for March. During February I set these goals:

~ Finish Mini Christmas Critters #'s 6-8 (Finished 6 and 7, not 8)
~ Start Mini Christmas Critters #9 
~ Finish Page 8 of the Abbey (Not even close, but I DID get alot of progress in!)
~Work on Snow Valley Express, (Enough that it is noticable) (Sorta!) 
~ Pull out Sweet Re-Tweet #1 and try to work on it. (Not sure where this one is, so gotta find it!) (Never even looked for it!)

-Read 5 books (I read 7!)
-Try to finish The Stand

Write 20 letters (Only wrote 16!)

So, I didn't do great on my stitchy goals. I  blew the reading into the water, and didn't reach my writing goals either. Oh well, better luck next time....I mean this month.  It's sad to see only 3 things marked off!  I have been realizing that I am spending much of what should/would be my stitching time online looking at/reading blogs, and perusing the FB  stitching groups.  I am so inspired by and love looking at other people's stitching, but it is truly hindering my own efforts at picking up the needle! I always look and think "Gosh! They do a TON of stitching, how come I can never get as much done? Am I just a slow stitcher? Then a lightbulb comes on (DING!) and I think "here I sit READING about stitching, when I should be DOING my own stitching". But I can't help it! I LOVE to see what everyone is doing! ::sigh:: It's the never ending cycle of my life!

And moving onward!! For March:

-Finish p. 8 of the Abbey
-Finish #'s 8 and 9 of Tiny Critters
-Start #'s 10-12 of Tiny Critters Ornaments
- Work on Snow Valley Express (AT least 3 hours worth!)

-Read 2 books

- Write 20 letters

We will see how well I do with these! I REALLY would like to focus more on my stitching and my pen paling this month. I have always loved these two hobbies, and I just need to turn this machine OFF and work on some other things. Sad, because I derive so much inspiration and motivation from reading all your blogs, but its time to focus on my own stitching.

I need to post a photo of Snow Valley Express, as I actually got quite a bit of work in on it this last round of the rotation in Feb. But my daughters birthday was last Sunday so I never got around to it, and then with it being a short rotation (because the month was a few days short- only 28 as apposed to 30 or 31) I was actually surprised I got as much done on it as I did!

Thank you all for reading, and for following!!! I am truly enjoying reading all your blogs!!! (And my lack of stitching is proof of that!!!) Happy stitching! I hope March treats you all well, and though when I think of March I think "Green"  lets just hope green frogs stay away....hope for lucky green shamrocks instead!!!

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Claire said...

Good luck with your goals, that is a lot of letter writing.