Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow Valley Express! AKA: the Red-Headed step child of cross stitch projects!

Well, the last three days have been Snow Valley express days, but because I hate working on this piece, I only worked on it one day, and avoided stitching all together on the other 2 days I was supposed to work on it! Bad me!!  The only bit I did was the light blue right in the center of this photo, and a bit of fill in on the green half stitches to the right of it! That's it! In 3 days time!! This is NOT gonna get done in time if I keep looking the other way every time this piece comes up in my rotation! 

Here is how it looks right now...

What frustrates me is that I could probably work on this for about ten hours and have the whole thing done, there is really VERY little to do, but I look at the pattern and I look at my work and I just feel lost! Do you ever do that? The thing is, I started this project in 2004, before I found the lovely things we call blogs. So, I was a lone stitcher, and hadn't learned yet about those wonderful things called "working patterns/working charts"  (Or making a copy of your pattern and highlighting as you go, so you don't get lost!)  Oh how I wish I had! My dad probably woulda had this gracing his walls for years now! Instead it has been sitting in a drawer, unnoticed and unloved, and that is sad, because this is a beautiful piece!! So, I will press on! Even if all I can manage in a day is one thread on this! I WILL press on. I think of my dad and all the things he has done for me over the years, that I'm sure were hard for him but he did them! And even though I hate this piece, I Love him, and I try to remember that as I work on this!
Happy stitching!


Debby said...

Can you still make a working copy of the chart? Take the time to highlight what you've stitched and maybe that will be the "rock" that breaks that wall you seem to be up against. It's such a lovely piece and for such a wonderful person in your life. I know you can do this - and you'll feel so much better when it's done!

Annie said...

It really is beautiful so far! Just think...once you finish it you don't have to deal with it any more! Good luck.

Amarins said...

It is really beautiful! Greetings, Amarins