Monday, January 28, 2013

Life Changes!

Well, no photo update right now, maybe later on in the day! I haven't been stitching much, been busy with my nose stuck in books! I've read 6 so far this month! I could make it 7, but I am reading The Stand, and it is FOREVER long! I'm almost to page 800. I read 100 pages of The Stand then a shorter book, then 100 of The Stand and a shorter book. So, that has been taking up the majority of my time lately. It is so hard to get stitching in when you are busy chasing a 2 year old!  It is so much easier to read, then to drag out (and put away after each session, (because you can't leave stitching lying around a two year old!) sometimes I just feel like stitching is a chore....sounds horrible, I know, but the only real time I have to stitch anymore is when she goes to bed at night and then I am usually so tired, I just zone out in front of the tube, until I go to bed.

But! We found out that we will be moving soon, to Louisiana. I was totally bummed at first, but the more I look up the area and the things there I am starting to get excited, and then I found out that there are two needlework shops in the area, and I got REALLY excited! I have never lived near a Needlework shop before, and now I'll be near TWO!!! What luck!

So, besides reading, alot of my days this past week have been spent online looking up stuff about what will be my new home.

That's about it here, sorry no photo. I just haven't blogged for a while, and wanted to. I hope to share a photo soon, I have still been really stuck on working on the tiny ornaments. They are the easiest to drag out and work on when I can find the time, so....I hope to be back here soon with photos! Wish me luck!

Joyful Stitching!!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Wow lots of packing in your future but awesome on the needlework shops.

Melinda said...

Moving is always an adventure, keep us updated. You have inspired me to read...Something

Vicki said...

ooooh - The Stand! It is hands down one of my favorite books. Congrats on the move. It's always fun to change our scenery once in a while.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Moving is always such a challenge but I hope you like your new town! Good luck with the move!