Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A tiny finish and a tiny start...

First here are my Tiny Christmas Critters Ornaments! I love these little guys! They are so much fun to stitch! I've finished #'s 1-3, and have a small start on #4.
 Here is #3 all by herself. I just finished her this morning! Look at her little sunglasses! That was my doing....a little deviation from the original pattern, because as I was backstitching, when I backstitched the eyes they just looked wrong! Just huge black spots! Like a zombie cow! So I added a few more backstitches to make it look like she is sportin' shades. Not sure I really love it this way, but I like it ALOT better than zombie cow!  Now if I could just change the wreath to look more colorful she could be an Hawaiian cow sportin' a lei of flowers!
So this series is just stitching up pretty quickly!

I am about ready to go settle down with a hot cup of tea and work on #4 some more, I really need it! I need to just has been....ugh, just one of those days! The child decided to act 2 years old (if you know what I mean!) I was "scheduled" for a 3-day in a row- walk in blood pressure monitoring , today being day two, only to get there and find that the clinic was closed, so now I think I have to start over on day one again next Tuesday! (It won't be open Monday for MLKing day!) and I finally got my child to lay down and nap and the neighbors kids are outside screaming like the end of the world is coming! SOOOOO loud, and woke her up, and now she is finally settled down again.

So, off to pour another cup of decaf tea, and try to stitch in some more white of the polar bear that I am working on!
I hope you are having a lovely stitchy day! And that it has been a better day than mine has been so far!

Happy stitching!


Pauline said...

Haha, Zombie-cow!
That is funny!
Beautiful blanket!

Claire said...

Lol love the shades.x