Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SAL progress on CH4TH

This first photo is mostly all I worked on this weekend. The left hand side of the house, the upstairs window and some of the area below it!
And here is how the entire thing is looking, as my husband has been working on the foliage on the right hand side, he's been putting a bit of work into it too! Jules is such a fast/great stitcher it's taking two of us just to Keep up with her, and she's still WAY ahead!!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week! Next week I probably won't be posting as we are going on vacation to the mainland (Japan) for a week. I might post photos of our adventures, but we shall see. I may just use the time to stay away from the computer all together and just enjoy life! I will probably post one more time this week, as I still need to share photos of Howling. For some reason, I have lost motivation for that one! And here at the home stretch! I have to MAKE myself work on it! ::sigh:: So I have a tiny bit of work in on it, and I am going to try to get a bit more work in on it today and tomorrow and I will try to share it sometime later this week before we leave!


Donna said...

Your stitching is making great progress!!! It looks lovely!!!

Lynn said...

Wonderful progress Lana! I think it's great that you and your DH are able to stitch together on a project. It makes it all the more special when it's completed by the two of you!

Brigitte said...

Wow, what a huge project. I love BAPs as well and always have a couple of them on the go.
Great progress!

Shelleen said...

Great progress.

Meari said...

Your WIP looks good!