Friday, January 27, 2012

My vacation

I know my title is very creative!! LOL...So, me and the hubs (and Alyssa of course!) just got back from visiting the mainland of Japan, where my Hubby's father lives! Which is why I've not been here posting lovely stitchy photos!
The first day there we went to this Art museum, as my hubby is taking an art class and one of his assignments was to go to an art museum. It was pretty nice! They had some Monet's and I think that's all the works I would recognize...haha!

On Tuesday we drove all day and arrived in the city of Nagoya, where we stayed the night and we ate here...yup, Denny's in Japan! Don't be fooled! There were only 2 things on the menu which one might ever see on an American menu...a sandwich and french toast!
My husband is 6 foot 2...look at how short the doorway to our hotel is!! He had to duck to get through!
We later came to find out that where we stayed was in a bad part of town...where the Japanese Maffia squats, and they own most the town....I was glad we only stayed one night!
Next we went to the city of Toyota...where there are 12 Toyota Car Plants. We wanted to try to catch a tour of one of them, but by the time we got there we'd missed the tours for the day, so came to this museum. I loved these stuffed was hard to get a good picture of them, because of the glass encasing!
there we are on the outside of the museum! Pretty building!
We were on the road for 5 days, and when we got bored me and Alyssa played with the camera and practiced for her days as a model! LOL!
Next stop? Hiroshima. This is the city where America dropped the Atomic bomb that ended WW II. Here is the memorial. This is called the A-Dome. The bomb exploded directly above this building. They have kept it in the state it was in since then, as a reminder. They do restoration on it every three years or so, that's why there is a bunch of scaffolding there!
Down the street to the Castle of Hiroshima.
Alyssa fell asleep in her little carrier while we walked around all day! How do baby's do that?!
This was also a castle. It was completely demolished in the A bomb blast, but when they restored it they turned it into a museum, we weren't allowed to take photos inside though.
Except for this one...they had Samurai get up to try on and photograph.
When we finally got back to the hub's dads house, his step mom had a little birthday celebration for Alyssa...(her birthday's in a month!)
Before we left they kept telling us to bring jackets it was between 30-40 degrees there. I was hoping it'd snow while we were there....and it did!
Alyssa's first time in the snow...she wasn't sure what to make of it!
This photo was taken as we were flying in, this is mount Fuji. My husband hiked this the last time we came in Aug 2010, all the way to the top. You know this wasn't taken as we were leaving, there was TONS of snow on it then, and I was on the wrong side of the plane to get a picture when we left!

So, that was my vacation. We had some fun times. I know my last post said I was bored, I was just having a bad day I guess. I did enjoy most of it, but you know how it is after awhile you just wanna go home!

I will share stitchy photos very soon!


Linda said...

Oh Lana! What great pictures. Loved them all. Looks like you had a great time.


Margaret said...

Love seeing all the pictures from your trip! I'd love to visit Japan someday. You have such a beautiful family! lol about the hotel room door!

Lynn said...

Fantastic photos Lana! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Several of those pics brought back memories for me. I visited Japan for 3 weeks during the summer of 1970 with my high school band. We spent a day in Hiroshima, touring the monument and ringing the peace bell.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What an amazing trip you had! Your daughter is adorable!

Shelleen said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. Looks like fun.

Maria João said...

Isn't Japan beautiful?
Oh, by the way, I was just checking blogs and ran into yours. Nice stitch works!