Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I have been perusing blogs, (not commenting much, but just quietly lurking...=)) And I am seeing so many "Finishing up 2010 and goals for 2011" posts!!! It is wonderful to see in one fell swoop all the lovely pieces all my blogging friends have churned out in 2010!!! I am not organized enough to do on eof those posts, but I do have my finishes for the year on my sidebar. For the most part I finished all 12 monthly checkered blocks, and all the alphabet blocks, and three out of 5 lambs that will be going into my daughters quilt this year. So, mostly SMALL finishes for me this year, but they were part of a larger whole, so I think I did pretty well overall. I finished all I set out to do, and that is what counts. All in all I got 36 finishes done for the year and read 83 books! So, did really well!!

For next year, I have my WIP's posted a few posts down if you wanna check them out, but I'm not counting on finishing much, what with a new born on the way, but I am not throwing the idea out the window in frustration yet! I guess my biggest goal is to finish "Howling at the Moon", and "Snow Valley Express" if the other ones don't get done, eh oh well, but I would like to at least get these two done or very close to a finish for 2011. I am hoping to take a framing class that is offered here that way maybe some of my finishes can grace the walls, as apposed to be sitting in a drawer. =) Oh yeah, I would also like to finish Patchwork Teddies, and Tree Branch (winnie, tigger and piglet in tree) that way I can put them up in Alyssa's room, and of course I want to finish the lamb quilt I have been working on for her too. And maybe get a start on putting the alphabet quilt together as well. Who knows....Anyway, I'm off to get some stitching in, and enjoy the holiday weekend, I realize i still need to share my last alphabet block with you all, so will do that soon, as well, as progress on the last lamb in the lamb series, and progress on The Tree Limb. So much to share!!!

Oh yes, and I aspire to be amuch better blogger this year as well!!! I would like to have at least 155 posts this year, that is just under 3 psots per week!!! We shall see how well I do with that!

HAPPY 2011!!!!! I Hope your year is full of stitches and love and good things!!!


Lyssa said...

Happy new year to you =) I was in the same boat as you when I had my first baby...Thought my stitching days were over. Now with 3 kids, my stitching suffers more but its well worth it!!!

Lynn said...

I hope that you are able to complete all your goals for the coming year. I look forward to seeing your finishes as well as to the news that Alyssa has arrived!

Emily said...

Lana!! There's a surprise for you on my blog!!

Here's the link!!