Monday, December 27, 2010

A long overdue post

This photo is long over due! This is the last installment of this checkered series that I have been working on all year long. I must admit that this one isn't one of my favorites, although I did like stitching all that bright pretty red! =) I still need to share my last alphabet block on here as well., a nd will do so soon, I promise, not to mention my progress on "Sunshine" and some of my WIP's I have been pulling out for the WIP challenge.
It is weird, I have been looking at some of these projects that I started years and years ago, and i'm thinking "I wanted to stitch that?! why?" Do you ever do that? There is one on my list, "A country mile" and I put it on the list thinking I would like to finish it, but I'm starting to rethink that, but I don't just want to chuck it, there's quite a bit of work in on it already, what to do with it? I can't even fathom what was going through my mind when I started it, probably that I was living at home still with my parents, and I happened to have all the called for flosses for it, and so why not? I don't know!! LOL It's definitely not a piece I would start now.And now I'm wondering if I should even finish it? Afterall, what would I do with it once I did? Give it away as a gift? Ugh...any suggestions? =)
Well, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have a safe and wonderful New Year Holiday. The hubs is home this week for the holiday, from work, however, Santa Claus got him a PS3, so I think I have seen the last of him for the duration of his holiday at home! Ha Ha! As I type this, the destructive noises of "Call of Duty" are ringing through the house!! Ooooh....boys and their toys!!!


Pointed Stitcher said...

I have two projects that were started YEARS ago and I can't bring myself to finish them OR throw them out. So I hear your dilemma :)

Meari said...

Congrats on your finish, Joy.

Yes! I have had projects that I started YEARS ago and they were definitely not my taste today.

One was Mime which I finished a couple years ago. A lot of backstitching. I finished it because it was a gift from my brother. The other is TMQ - I just finished it, and even though it turned out nice it would not be something I'd start today. I'm one of those people who is determined to finish the projects I've started.

Kathy said...

Cute finish! I hear you about the projects waiting in the basket. I know I have a few of those. :)

Thank you for your comment on my blog about Rory and chasing snowballs. And yes he does. Only he digs for them. LOL And I so wish I had someone with a video to take one of him trying his darndest to catch the snow when I am shoveling and throwing it from the deck! That is just way to funny!

Happy New Year to your and yours.

Lynn said...

I only have a few unfinished works hanging around but there is one I know I would never do for myself. It's a dragon I started for my son and it's stitched on 18ct black with lots of dark floss. I just wasn't enjoying it so I gave up.
Our tastes definitely change though because I wonder about some of the charts I've purchased in the past!
Have a very Happy New Year!