Monday, November 01, 2010

R is for Radish (and monthly Run Down...)

Here is one of the many finishes I had for! It feels weird to say "many finishes" after the name of a month! I got 6 done, with 7 a close finish (within 7 hours of the deadline!) I had a phenominal stitching month in October!!!

Lets see here were my goals.....

1. September block-DONE!
2. October block-DONE!
3. Letter Q-DONE!
4. Letter R-DONE!
5. Letter S-DONE!
6. Letter T-DONE!
7. Letter U (ALMOST! But finished 7 hours into November...SO CLOSE!)
8. Work 31 hours on Howling- Got 5 hours in! Better than nothing!
9. Finish Petal- Nope, didn't even pick it up!
10. Start last lamb in the 5 piece series- Nope, didn't even look at it!

So, not bad!!! I didn't post as much as I had wanted to either! I still need to post photos of all these finishes I'm bragging about!!! When did I become such a lazy blogger?! Oh well! Well, I started my November block last night, so I think I am off to get some work in on it now, with my cup of coffee. I have already worked on Howling for 3 hours this month! AMAZING! I know!

And with all these finishes last month I am proud to say I am completely caught up!!! And with only 2 months left for the year I only have 5 more smalls to finish up....Two monthly blocks, and the letters V,W, and X,Y,Z which those last three are all on one block! So three letter blocks and two monthly checkered squares!!! SOOOOO close!!! It's been a nice adventure working on these little guys each month, as they are nice and small, so allow for other stitching to get squeezed in after each finish and yet you have three finishes for each month.

November goals:
1. November Checkered Block
2. Letter V
3. Letter W
4. work 25 hours on Howling
5. Finish Petal
6. (Maybe...) Start last lamb in this series)

Well, now that I'm all caught up with my smalls, I think I will have a little more time to devote to my lambs and Howling at the moon...lets hope!!!

Happy November everyone! I hope it finds you happily stitching and looking forward to the holiday season!!!


Shelleen said...

I think you did great on your goals.

Lynn said...

Congrats on all those finishes!! I hope your November goals are realized as well.