Tuesday, November 09, 2010

October Checkered Block

10 down, two to go!! Actually, as of this post, I have finished 11 and only have December to get done! I just haven't shared a photo yet! This one reminded me of the talking hat in Harry Potter! Just add a mouth and wala!!!
For Meredith who asked about my book list you can click on my "goodreads" widget on my sidebar...all my books are there, along with a few personal reviews and thoughts on some of the things I've read.
Thank you to all who commented, and alot of you came up with a great idea!! why not use a button or charm for the big blank space on my letter T piece!!! Thank you for the reminder!! I just may have to do that!!


Jules said...

Yay!!! You have done so many little things this year! It must be feeling nice to come to the end of the checkered blocks you've been working so diligently on!!

Shelleen said...

Love this block!