Friday, October 31, 2008

Progress Photo Friday!

This is my progress on Brittercup Kitty Ornament. I am actually a little more finished with it than you see here, as I had tried to post these photos the other day, however, I lost the page after I hit the "publish post" button...=( So, decided to give it another try. Next up is "Tombstone angel"

This is a really bad photo of this piece, sorta wrinkled. I am enjoying this one alot, However, I am not sure that I want to use the called for colors on this one, as they are very muted. Which would make sence since this is an old time piece, but I think I want to change up the colors on this, so have basically been working on the black in this piece only, until I figure out what to do with it.

This next photo! Over time whenever I go to a craft store, if I don't have my DMC list with me, I will pick and choose a handful of random skeins of floss, and this has become my collection. I never even realized how much I have. This is my "Reserve pile" Incase I am working along on a project and "Ooops, ran out of this color." I don't have to (Hopefully) run out to the store and get it, I am hoping I will already have it here. There are 233 skiens of floss here! I do need to catalogue it, tho so I do know what I have or don't have. It would take me forever to try to find a DMC number I needed in that mess!
Well that is all for me here. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween.


Terry said...

WOW! That is some stash of floss you've got there. LOL Hopefully soon you can find time to catalog what you have or you'll have spend an hour or two searching through it. LOL Happy Halloween!

Kathryn said...

Floss*A*Way bags. You need bags (little plastic bags with a space to write the DMC number on it and a hole to put in a ring). Here are the bags, the bags on rings, the rings in a box:

You don't need the database or the box as long as you have bags and rings. I think I have gotten more than a dozen skeins stuffed into one of those bags.

Jennifer said...

I had a pile like that when Walmart clearanced out their floss. I sorted it out into number groups (400s, 500s, etc), and stashed each group in a large ziploc bag, then put them in a plastic bin with a lid. I do have an excel spreadsheet keeping track of how many skeins and bobbins I have of each color, and delete and add as necessary.

But I do like Kathryn's idea as well. AND you can do it fairly inexpensively with snack size ziplocs, hole reinforcers and book rings.

Tama said...

LOL - I am working on the same kitty and I bought the floss for Susanna Goose... :D
nice floss stash - I wish I had that much!!!