Thursday, October 16, 2008

Greetings from California!!

We made it!!! It was a long drive, but nice. I got alot of stitching in, which is wonderful!!! I did bring my pup one, but I also kitted up two new projects just minutes before we hit the road!!! (Yeah leave it to a stitcher to run around cutting threads and fabbies to be brought on a trip at the last minute instead of making sure they have not forgotten to pack everything!! lol!) I decided to start two new ones that were found int he latest issue of "Just cross stitch" One is the Britty Kitty Halloween ornament, and the other is The Tombstone angel sampler. I picked these one to bring because they only require a few threads. Plus th eornament is small and I can stitch on it easily on the road. I am actually getting quite a bit of stitching in, and I am loving it! I am pretty sure I will have plenty of stitching to show when I get home. We brought the digi cam with us so I may be able to share them sooner, we shall see. Well, just wanted to stop in and say hi, and let you know I am stitching, and you will see photos soon! Sorry for the lack of photos lately!


Michelle said...

Well hello back at you! If you need to visit my blog you will have to visit me at word press. I can not access my blogger account right now.

Stitchingranny said...

Have a lovely holiday. I too love to stitch as I travel.

Lili said...

Looks like life has been a bit hard on you lately... (catching up).
I hope that you get things sorted the right way for yourself, whatever comes out of it.
Looking forward to seeing your two new wips!
Take care, Lana,