Sunday, October 12, 2008

And yet again...

I found it!!! My mojo that is...and you want to know where I found it? Amongst the wonderful photos and words on all your lovely blogs!!! Such inspiration out there! So, thank you all you wonderful enablers! You have once again done a great job! lol.

Yup, I have once again picked up needle and thread. I must admit, I was sorta stitching but not with a ferver that I used to have where I was thinking about my projects whenever I was away from them. Does anyone else do that? While at work or whatever? Dreaming and planning out their next projects, or what they'll stitch that day and think and plan out their rotations, and think obsessively of all those projects that must be done on a certain date? Maybe a gift, or a RR that must go out, and it is in your head forever, maybe I am the only one who does that. But it helps get me motivated to stitch. I am a deadline girl, if I don't have a deadline, forget it, look for the project to be done like in 10 years! lol. But once I put my mind to it and really focus on something,that's all she wrote! watch out, because it will get done in a jiffy!

So, anyway, That being said, before I got all my lovely stash back home where it belonged, I had very few things here to work on and none of them were the least bit inspiring, so I went to the hobby store and got a few things to keep me busy until I had my WIP's and such.

I showed photos of "Achoo" and the other one with the wolves, who's name eludes me at the moment. But then I also got a small piece by Dimensions, called "Never underestimate the power of a nap" and it has a little dalmation puppy sleeping on a blue blanky.

This little guy helped bring my mojo back to me! I have been stitching on him alot for the past couple of days. It sorta started out with a fight with the hubby, after which I went and locked myself into the spare room, with my headphones and my stitching...well with no destractions from the TV or anything else, I was able to get comfortable, slip on my headphones and stitch merrily away!!! It is so therapeutic!!! After awhile, I was like "Fight? What fight? Hubby? hmmm...yeah I remember him. Eh, oh well...stitch stitch stitch." It puts your mind at ease,and makes the world seem like such a beautiful place.

So, anyway, I don't know if this will really happen, since I leave today for a two week long vacation to California today but I am taking the "Nap" puppy with me and hope to have him finished by the time I get home. I think I should be able to, as we are driving and that is a good long drive, and I have claimed the backseat, I am gonna put a pillow back there and get comfy and stitch stitch stitch and read read read.

Thank you all for listening to this rambeling post! And thank you for the wonderful motivation of all your beautiful blogs! I love my blogging friends!


Tama said...

Yay! Congratulations on getting your mojo back - I have that kit in my stash, and that puppy is quite the little inspiration, isn't he? So utterly cute!!!

Miss 376 said...

It is always lovely to rediscover the joy in stitching. Have a great holiday

Kathy said...

Good news. Mojo is back. Have fun on your trip and get lots of stitching done.