Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An unexpected visitor!

Well it has been awhile since I last posted here. The reason being, my father showed up to surprise me last Tuesday for a week long visit. Which is fine, but last week was finals. So, between finals and my dad being here, not much got done, stitching or other wise. But I did have a nice visit with dad, and school is now over for a month, well about two/three weeks, I guess, which means more stitching time for me!!! And reading time as well.

I did do a little bit of stitching on Howling at the moon. Today is my day off, and I plan to stitch stitch stitch. I have a dentist appointment this morning and after that I am going to sit in bed, and stitch. I don't know why but bed is my favorite place to stitch/read, it's comfortable. Plus I am a huge hermit and was one all growing up and at my parents house growing up I usually just sat on my bed to stitch and read, so that is just where I like to relax. I do like being out in the living room sometimes to stitch, but the lighting int he bedroom is much better for those big complicated, very detailed pieces, such as Howling at the Moon. I can't explain it. =P

So, after today's stitching session I think I will share photos. Thanks again for reading!

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Stitchingranny said...

Lol I can just picture you as that is just how my daughter used to do everything when she lived at home.