Sunday, May 25, 2008

Smash mouth!!!

Well, I have not been around much lately. I have been busy with friends from out of town. I have a fun and crazy story to tell. my friends from California came out to visit me this weekend, and while on the plane ride here they struck up a conversation and started playing Scrabble with a really nice guy on the plane. Well, he was traveling with a few other men and they kinda looked like they belonged in a band, so my friend asked them if they were in one, and it turns out it was Greg Camp, the lead guitarist from Smash mouth playing Scrabble with my friends. Anyway, my friends were telling Greg that they were coming out to Texas to visit me, and that they were originally from Santa Cruz California, which is where Greg lives. And so they just hit it off, and so Greg invites them,and me! to the show that Smash mouth is putting on at a place called the Glass Cactus that was in Fort Worth, VIP passes with backstage access and everything! So, we went, and still two days later I am still on a high over it! So here are pictures of our evening.

Photo 1- me with Steve (Vocalist) and Mark (Percussion)

photo 2) Mark Percusssionist beating on Paul the bass guitarist with his drum sticks to loosen up his back muscles before the show

photo 3) Steve and Greg and me after the show

Photo 4) Steve during the show

Photo 5) Paul and Steve during show.

So! We had a great time! These guys are so sweet! They are SO down to earth! and don't suffer from "Star syndrom" at all (when people think they are hot stuff and better than other people because they are stars) It was so much fun.
I haven't been stitching much, but my friends are leaving tomorrow so I am hoping that after they leave I will get some stitching time in! That's all for now!


Kathryn said...

Oh, man, I am so jealous. Love Smashmouth. You look like you had a fabulous time.

Aussie Stitcher said...

WOW, that sounds totally awesome. Glad that you had a nice visit with your Dad. That must have been a lovely surprise for you.

Cathy said...

How cool! That's a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, huh?

Faith Ann said...

That's awesome!!! How cool is that?

Stitchingranny said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

Lol I am hoping that the reason I have never heard of them is because they are a US group rather than a UK one, but it may just be because I am way way past it lol.