Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"I have a throat Ache"

Do you all remember that commercial of the kid at the doctors and the doctor asks how she is and she says "I have a throat ache" That's me!!! I have a throat ache and have had it for three days now. I feel yucky, and I am still working, my voice is basically a gone thing,I sound like a croaking frog! lol and I'm still pushing on. Of course after work all I really feel like doing is being a huge couch potato, so nothing has really gotten done. I just sit and watch tv, and try not to hurt. I sure hope this goes away, soon.

I have stitched a tiny bit, but nothing noteworthy. I pick up my stitching , put in like a handful of stitches, set it down, and just vegetate staring at the tv screen! You know I'm sick when I do that! I always have to have my hands busy, even while watching tv. So, I think when I feel better I need to pick up my little snowman, he is laying on the coffee table looking up at me with those cute snowman eyes just begging to be finished! LOL! Happy Tuesday!


Kathy said...

Hope to hear you are feeling better soon. Being sick and not being able to stitch or do anything is the pits.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh gosh Lana! Take care of yourself and don't strain your throat by talking to much.

Stitchingranny said...

I know just that feeling, I need to have busy hands too and if they are not something major is wrong lol.

I hope you will be feeling up to dealing with Mr Snowman soon.