Monday, January 28, 2008

Wow! Long time no Blog!

Hi there! thank you all for your wonderful comments! I have not been blogging much this month due to a few reasons,
1) school started back up
2) work
3) No stitching mojo to speak of, I think I accidently packed it up int he holiday decorations! lol!
4) Hubby is leaving VERY soon for our second deployment as a couple, and he will be gone longer than he was during the last one, and so we have been busy getting things ready for that.

So, As you can see things have been a bit hectic here. Trying to spend as much free time with hubby as possible when i'm not at work, and doing homework is basically taking up much of my time, plus like i said, i just have not been much in the mood to stitch much.

I'm thinkin gthat once Hubby leaves I will be here more frequently, and also wanting ot stitch more since I will have all those long hours to fill that he isn't here. Ugh! my days off from work are gonna suck! They always seem so long and I miss him more when I don't work. Do you think my job will let me work 210 days straight? Hmmm...??? lol! Nah, I'm sure I will find things to fill my time, if not i'm sure stitching will be a good fill in!

Thanks for listening to my rambeling, I will be back soon...I hope!


Stitchingranny said...

stitching can wait, you just spend every precious moment with the one you love.

Barbeeque4 said...

Hi Lana ,
The city is trying to buy Alcatraz, I think, to turn it into a park or something. There was some sort of referendum on the ballot this go round, but who knows what will happen. You should spend as much time together as you can, the stitching will wait. We often get bread for home from Boudines so I have lots of sourdough around, and next time I toast some I will think of you. :) I need to get down to In-and-out, so good!!!

take care,

Itching To Stitch said...

Lana ~ Sorry your hubby will be leaving. That must be difficult. I looked back at your last post and the snowman you're stitching is adorable ;)