Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some WIP's to share

I have been really lazy when it comes to blogs, not leaving comments when I read others, and of course blogging here.
So, I am trying to be better about that!

I thought I would share a few photos of the two main projects I have been putting most my time into lately, My snowman, and mini sampler alphabet letter C. The snowman still has quite a ways to go until a finish, but letter C is almost finished, just have to finish the castle, then it is onto letter D!

I have actually made a few goals concerning my stitching for the year. I have decided to

1) finish two of the alphabet samplers a month
2) Finish one stocking/mitten a month
3) finish 1 page of the Abbey a month

Let me explain the stocking/mittens. The snowman piece I am working on is a tiny little stocking, and with it is 5 other pieces with cute little snowmen on them as well, 3 are mittens 3 are stockings I want to finish the entire set of 6, by finishing one a month. So, we shall see if that actually happens, but that is my goal.

Also I think I may be stretching it a bit by adding one page of The Abbey a month, but hey a girl can dream, right? It will at least help keep me focused and continuing with the stitching, I hope!

Here is mr. snowman, he is starting to look a bit cozier with his little sweater on, although it has holes in it! I have some fill in to do! But i think he is coming along nicely. For such a small little chump, he is sure taking a long time. I'm thinking that dark blue fabric may be slowing me down, if that makes any sence! I hate working on dark fabbies, it is hard to see the holes to put the needle through, and wih my Christmas tree up, it cuts back on my lighting, but that should be remedied today, as I am taking that stupid thing down today, then I shall sit nicely and comfortably in my easy chair and stitch the day away.

i made some changes to the little sampler, changed a bunch of the colors because I think the original wasn't done on white fabric, but mine is, so all the little C's were to be done in white but they wouldn't show up well on mine, if at all, so I thought I'd make them in varying colors of the ocean, blues and greens, I like how it is coming out. I should see a finish on that one very soon, today maybe even!

I hope you all have a very stitchy weekend!


stitcherw said...

Your Letter C sampler is looking cute, very summery. Snowman is looking great too. It really may be taking longer due to the darker fabric. I find dark fabric takes me longer as well, as it does take that little bit of extra time to place your needle as the holes are harder to see (even with good light). Good luck with your 2008 goals. Even if you don't hit them all, by having them and trying you'll probably get more done than you would otherwise.

Carla said...

The little snowman and letter C are looking very nice!
Good luck with your goals :)

CritterLady62 said...

I love your little snowman. The fabric may be a pain and a bit slower to work on, but it really makes the image pop. Good luck with your stitching goals. Hey, there is certainly nothing wrong with dreaming!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Your stitching is adorable! That snowman is so cozy warm in his sweater he is just grinning away! LOL!

Stitchingranny said...

Thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog Lana. I love your little snowman and know exactly what you mean about stitching on dark fabric - its a nightmare.

Deanne J said...

Your WIP look great

Meari said...

Your snowman is adorable.

Greg said...

Lana I am doing Erica Micheals Book Sampler as a Sal with Barb and Glenda both listed on my blog. Right now all 3 of us are at the beginning and I think I am in over my head. Can you help me out please? Thanks Greg