Saturday, November 07, 2015

How dumb am I....

To save all the metallic threads for last?! Oh well, it's done now!

I present: page 2 FINISHED!!!!

You can't see it but there are a TON of sparkles!! It is SO pretty, and although a pain in the butt to stitch, the effort is SO worth it!

So, since I actually got this page done a good 8 days early, I'm gonna use the remainder of this round to pull out Sea of Roses and try to finish page 2 of it, since I failed to in its last round in my rotation. I have less than 2 columns left to go, hopefully I can get it done before the 15th and I switch to Christmas Ornaments! 

I have a few hours of quiet this morning as the hubs and daughter have gone off to buy birthday gifts for me ( my bday is on Tues), so I'm gonna go get into Sea of Roses! 

Thank you for reading, and for all your lovely comments!


Linda said...

Happy Birthday Lana. Congrats on the page finish.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birtday ☼ and congrats on the page finish

Annie said...

Congrats on a beautiful page finish!
Happy early birthday...I hope it's a wonderful day for you:)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Good finish and a very happy birthday to you.

Katie said...

She looks beautiful!!! Congrats on the page finish!!