Monday, November 30, 2015

A finish, an almost finish and end of the year plans

So! I finished this little guy yesterday:
He was a pretty quick stitch! 

So, I decided that instead of continuing on with my rotation now (the next project in my rotation is DS2N), I would pull out Web of Life and really try to finish it up by years end. 

So here's how it looked last night when I pulled it out after finishing my ornament:
This is page 3. I've finished pages 1 and 2 already. 
After working on it last night and this morning it looks like this:

So, I've finished all the x stitches and only have back stitching to do now. I really think I should be able to finish this by the next time I share on Dec. 5th.  So keep your fingers crossed for me! 

And I think once I finish this one, I will pull out Sea of Roses and try to finish page 2 before years end. 

Here is how Web of Life looks in its entirety:

Soooooo close to a finish! So throwing the rotation out the window in hopes of having another full finish for the year! (Sorry for all the wrinkles! Oops)

Thank you for stopping by!


Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finish Lana. Great progress on Web of Life.


Katie said...

Love the ornament. Too cute!! Oh so close on your beautiful WIP. You can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

very cute finish, love the dreamcatcher

Annie said...

Your needles are on fire! Adorable finish, and Web of Life is looking great!
Looking forward to seeing it finished.

gominam said...

Congrats on the Santa finish. Web will be done anytime soon, pretty colors. Keep it up:)

Vicki said...

What a beautiful piece!