Thursday, October 15, 2015

More kitty progress

Last time I posted:


So I got another cat finished I just need to back stitch and started the last cat, but just a tiny bit on him. I'm really hoping to have this piece completely finished on the 25th, and that gives me 10 days, which I'm pretty sure I can accomplish.
I am really enjoying this one SO much, and I'm excited to see a finish, because that means.............a new start to fill this spot in my rotation!!!! 

And I've been thinking about either: 1) starting another HAED (Forget me Not to be exact) or 2) let my daughter pick another piece she'd like me to do. And she's already looked through and found another one that really wouldn't take me long, but I just can't decide. 
What do you think, readers? Do I keep it simple with another small cat piece for my kid, or do I go the selfish and slightly crazy route (considering I've already got three BAPs going now) and start my next HAED? 
Let me know what you think, and thank you all for stopping by. See yah in 5 days! 


Linda said...

Great progress on such a cute design Lana. I think you should do another quickie for your daughter.


Vicki said...

Very cute! I vote for another one for your daughter. As I know from experience, one day she may lose interest in stitching projects. Fortunately, now I have grandkids who want me to stitch for them!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I say do another for that sweet girl!

Stitching Angel said...

Cute I say do want one you feel like stitching.

Katie said...

Beautiful progress! I vote another small one. I love having a variety in size going on. That way when I get bored with the detailed piece I can change to an easy one. Good luck deciding though. That's the hard part.