Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Santa ornament #7 progress

Last time I showed this:
After the past 5 days:
I was able to get a bit done. 

So! Let's talk July...

July is always a very busy month for me, as my husbands birthday is this month as well as our wedding anniversary, then there's 4th of July and... Wow! 

So! We will be traveling quite a bit this month. We will be out of town for 4 days for the hubs birthday, and also 4 days for our anniversary... (10 years! Wow! We made it to the double digits! ) 

While I'm traveling I like to work on smalls, so will be toting along my ornies while I'm traveling. And the days I'm home and can stitch I will be working on Day Surrendering to Night. So my rotation is going out the window basically this month. Since I finished my HAED page I was to finish 1 page of ornies (there are two ornies on the page I'm working on currently) as they are next in my rotation, but because I want to take them on my trips I have just decided to put them away for now and just work on DS2N, on the days I'm home this month and work the Ornies while I'm gone. 

Also! I have decided to take a blogging break this month. Seeing as how much of the month will be celebrating holiday and birthday and anniversary and traveling I don't see myself with a whole lot of time for posting. So! I bid you Happy July for now and I'll be back in a month (hopefully with some progress on my two WIPs I'll be working on this month!! 
Thank you for reading and all your lovely comments on my last post! All my readers are what makes this blogging experience so awesome! Thank you! 
Joyful stitching to you all! 


Dani - tkdchick said...

great progress on that ornie!

Vicki said...

Sounds like July will be busy. Enjoy your month off. See you in August!

Linda said...

Nice progress on the ornie Lana. Have a wonderful, fun and safe July. Looking forward to pics in August.


Annie said...

Have a wonderful July!

Lillie said...

Progressing beautifully Lana.

Happy 4th of July!

Bonnie Brown said...

Great progress on the Santa Ornament!
Congrats on 10 yrs!! My hubby and I will be celebrating 10 yrs at the end of August.
Have a wonderful month and see you in August :)

Katie said...

I'm way behind on reading blog posts. Now I see you are taking a break. Have a great July! See ya next post.

Sue in the Wood said...

Hope your break is going well!