Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Web of Life progress

I don't even think you can see the progress... But I did finish one feather and filled in more of another. I am running out of colors I need for this one, and haven't had the chance to get more yet. Hopefully before I pull this one out I will have a chance to get them!! We will see! I am super excited because these next 5 days are "Day Surrendering to Night" turn to be worked on!! I am so in love with this piece!!! I have already pulled it out and put an hour and a half's worth of work into it just this morning! I just really love it!!
I hope everyone's week goes well and you all get lots of stitching in!! Joyful stitching!!


Linda said...

Such bright pretty colors Lana.


Brigitte said...

This is a wonderful project and every little progress is a step towards the finish.