Monday, November 25, 2013

An explanation, some new stash, and some progress...

Well, I have not been around here on the blog much. I guess I can share my reasonings now. My husband was getting ready for a deployment, and he left on my birthday, of all days, about two weeks ago.  Sooo....before he left, I was stressed and anxious about his leaving, and wanted to spend as much time as I could with him, so the stitching and blogging suffered. Then he left, and I have just been in a funk!  I can't seem to focus on much lately. I have just been zoning out in front of the TV watching lots of shows on Netflix. So....anyway, THAT is what has been up here.
But! I have been reading lots of blogs still, and have recently been enamored with some of which the author stitches mostly HAED pieces or other rather large ones. So, I started thinking "I really should spend more time on some bigger, more detailed pieces as well."
For my birthday i got a little bit of extra cash, and I spent it on these three new patterns! This makes 7 Kustom Kraft patterns that are in my stash pile.  
 However, this is my FIRST by Mystic stitch. I was not aware that it would be a 15 page pattern.  I am aching to start ANY of these new ones, but! I have held myself to the promise that I will finish the Abbey first!  And you'd think that would spur me on to really work on it, but I only worked on it half heartedly as i watched TV. I have almost, just about finished the backstitching on page 5, and have started 4. (I thought I was done with 5, so went onto 4, only to realize I was NOT finished with 5 afterall, and had to go back and finish it.)
 And here is my progress on Winter Fun #5:
All that is left of him is to finish filling in the white and to finish backstitching. I have very little start on #6. Just about 35 stitches, so not enough to warrant a photo at this time.

So, anyway that is what is going on in my corner of the world. We are int he midst of a winter storm, lots of COLD rain, ice sleet so far, and they are calling for snow tonight and into tomorrow morning. So, maybe I will use this cozy time to sit and stitch. One can hope!  I will be back in a few days with an update of The abbey, and then I will share Web of Life's update as scheduled ont he 30th. 

I hope all my American readers have a lovely Thanksgiving. And if you are battling the winter storms, please be careful out there. My suggestion is you curl up on the couch with a hot cuppa, a nice fuzzy blanket and some stitching! (Or maybe a book! Or a movie!) Anyway, stay safe friends! And as always Joyful Stitching to you all!


Vicki said...

Lana, I'm praying for your husband on deployment and for you & your daughter here in the states. My son's best friend just got back from seven months in Afghanistan; I don't know first-hand what it's like, but I understand a little of what his wife and mom go through when he's gone. Keeping busy is a great plan. Happy Thanksgiving!

wranglerkate said...

God bless your husband. I am so thankful for his service. My son was in the Marines for four years, and had two tours in Afghanistan. Stay strong - he needs you to do that for him.
All the best to you.

Pauline said...

I love the Kustom Krafts patterns!

Linda said...

I'm praying for a safe return for your husband. How long will he be gone? Love the new stash you got. And as always, I love the ornaments.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I do not blame you for spending time with him before deployment. Lovely progress on your stitching and lovely new stitchy things.

Mii Stitch said...

Thinking of you & your family. Wishing all the best to your hubby & to keep safe.
Like you I see all these lovely designs from Haed & am being tempted to go back on mine but feel deflated when I see all the stitching required :( I realise they are too big for me & I'm getting bored too easily :P

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those are some lovely BIG charts there!