Friday, February 24, 2012

Just stoppin' by to say hi!

Wow! It's been about 12 days since I've stopped in here! My mom is here and we are having lots of fun. Being very busy! I have only worked a tiny bit on Patchwork Bears and Howling at the Moon. But not enough to share a photo quite yet!

Yesterday, Alyssa turned one year old!! Wow! She is so fun to watch and play with now! I will be sharing photos of her birthday soon! We will probably go to the zoo today, provided the weather holds up, it's been really rainy lately! So I will also share photos of that too!

Besides having my mom here visiting, and keeping us busy, we were also very busy with some sadness last week too! Wednesday morning we were awoken by a phone call from a friend here. She goes to our church, and her husband also works with my husband. We've known him for 8 years, as we were stationed with him at our last base. Her 6 year old son, Daniel, had been crushed by a big screen tv and passed away during the night, so the rest of the week we were just busy with trying to be there for her. Her husband was deployed when it happened, and there was quick prep to get him home quickly. We had a memorial service for Daniel at our church on Sunday morning. And they flew out two days ago to return home to the states for the burial.

So, been busy with some fun stuff and some not so fun stuff. But I will definitely try to post again soon and share photos of Alyssa's birthday!! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa! How wonderful that she gets to celebrate it with her Grandma as well. It sounds like you're having a wonderful visit.

How tragic for your friend and her family! I will keep them in my prayers.

Shelleen said...

Happy Birthday to Alyssa.
How sad to lose a 6 year old and what a strange way as well.

Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope Alyssa had a wonderful birthday.

How tragic for your friend. I hope her and her husband are finding some way to cope.